Face Reading is an ancient psychological system of understanding a person’s character from his or her facial features. Every feature has corresponding psychological meanings, and your face is a physical-emotional map of who you are and where you are going. Barbara Roberts was a guest on 75 national/local TV/radio shows (TYRA, NBC Nightly News, The Learning Channel, and InSide San Diego). Trained in clinical medical NIH-research (UCSD), Barbara Roberts developed her system of personality patterns by looking at 10,000 people’s faces in private sessions and her 500 classes. Her system is unique in that honors all ethnic groups, ages, and genders.


new PDF books for 2013

• The Career You Were Born To Do

• Romance: Is (S)he the One?

$12 each
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How to get a

(Private phone call with Barbara)
Questions you can ask?

Barbara will first identify your personality traits
and from there can give you guidance on:

• Your special life gifts + how to maximize success at home/job

• What qualities in me are holding back my $$ success?

• Is (s)he the one for you? Couples (Romantic) Compatibility

• What is the Career you were born to do?

Career and Romance Readings are (minimum) 30 minutes.

(Face Reading is not a replacement for medical
or psychiatric treatment or diagnosis.)

In US: $30 per 15 min.
Int'l orders: $150/45 min only

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Hallmark TV

Reading live audience

Tyra Banks Show

“Love, Sex, and Money”

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The Learning Channel
Cast of “The Young
and The Restless”
“What is Face Reading?”


Tyra Banks Show

“Lies on Dates”

Tyra Banks Show

“Tyra’s Face”




“Your Best Career

Tyra Banks Show

“Reading Obama’s Face”


InSide San Diego

“Your Eyes = Your
Soul Age”

I loved having you on the talk shows and definitely applaud and thank you for taking a similar stand to honor ethnic diversity in all ways in your work.
– Tyra Banks, National TV's “Top Model” and “The Tyra Banks Show”

Barbara’s books can help you . . .

• Learn how to read co-workers, bosses, family at a glance

• Know the Career you were born to do

• Single? Dating? See & avoid Dangerous facial features

• Gain the Intuitive Edge in Business

• Self-employed? Hire Smart! Choose people of Destiny

• Accurate & universal for all ethnic groups, ages, & genders

• Hundreds of psychological meanings, drawings, + photos

• Easy, Fun, Hands-on, simple to follow manual


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