1. Personality Profiling — Are you In a first meeting with a CEO, new client, or needing guidance on getting along with a difficult person? Face Reading will give you specific keys in understanding the personality of this person. Learn hands-on skills so you can tailor your presentation to meet his/her special management style. Gain the intuitive edge in business! Even if your time is limited, you can enhance your success and be more productive. Project dynamic confidence in your first meeting!

2. Hiring Smart — A person’s BEST career is revealed by his or her facial features as every feature has corresponding psychological tendencies. Barbara knows which Patterns in these features will match success in analytical, communications, artistic, sales, or executive jobs. At a glance you will be able to you choose the right person for the job. Understanding these career-patterns in the face will help you match projects to people and as you reduce job turnover, increase work productivity, and maximize employee satisfaction.

3. Team Building — Through fun, on-site live team building Seminars, Barbara will showcase each team member’s specific talents that lead to enhanced team communications, performance and bottom line results for the whole Team.

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Comments from Business Owners

Barbara Saved Us Millions of Dollars: “When our company was assaulted by the NLRB, I asked Barbara to read the face of their head honcho. Based on her read, we devised a plan that stopped them in their tracks, literally saving our $16 million dollar company. Her read was right on! We will always appreciate her, and she is the core of one of my best stories.” —P. Friedman, Former Owner, The Green House Fresh Herbs

Public Relations Specialist Gains Value: “Face Reading is the SECRET WEAPON You Must Have! I wish so much I had learned this earlier in my career! If you work with people — if your career depends on your ability to read and influence others — if you're looking for a statistically proven way to instantly read friends, family, colleagues, and clients — get (Barbara’s book) now! I never realized how much our faces tell others until I spent time learning about the characteristics our unique attributes display.... I highly recommend investing the time to have Barbara read your face personally. You'll be shocked and amazed at the detail and accuracy!” —P. Bowen, Costa Mesa, California

Corporate Trainings for the Company’s CEO, Board of Directors, and HR Department: “We will be using your skills as another valuable tool in our recruiting of sales reps and personally in my calls on senior level executives. In that one call your analysis was so insightful and helped us approach him in the correct way.” —G. Robinson, CEO of IMS (Integrated Medical Systems), Birmingham, Alabama

Increased Financial Abundance: “In my individual session with Barbara, she directed me to my life’s work, which I would not have thought of my own. I couldn’t be happier with the peace and fulfillment it has brought me. I am doing what I love!” —R. Winrow, Owner of European Skin Centre.